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The use of Address harvester is quite simple. In the “sources” tab of the program, you add all the information sources: Select all the mailboxes Address Harvester should “rip” to create the final consolidated list (how you locate those files on your harddisk is described here). In this tab, you can select as well an exclusion file to provide a black list of all the addresses, which will not be taken over into the final list.

Then click the button “Import” in order to collect (extract, rip) the addresses from the mailboxes. Please notice that the mail programs should be terminated while you access the mailboxes with Address Harvester.

After this process has been completed, the addresses show up in the “address” tab. You can edit or remove the addresses here, if you like. Then, please save the list. Address Harvester uses text files to save the addresses. In the Address Harvester text files, you find the full e-mail information including name, designation and e-mail in angular brackets.