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Contents of this help file

Introduction: Information for people who are new to Clickomania.

New Features: What’s new in Clickomania next generation? Information for folks, who have played the Classic version.

Features: A short overview of the features .

Your own pictures as background: How does that work?

Strategy: What can you do to win the game?

History: How Clickomania became cult...

Main Window: The buttons of the main Window.

Configuration_dialog: The options of the configuration dialog

Keyboard shortcuts: What keyboard shortcuts you can use with Clickomania.

Author: About the programmer of Clickomania next generation and Classic Clickomania.

External language files: How you can make Clickomania speak your language.

Disclaimer: By using this software, you accept the terms of use. Please take a look at the Disclaimer page.

Terms of Distribution: Clickomania next generation on your CD, DVD or homepage: Please read this first.

Programming: How you can control Clickomania via DDE.