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Clickomania! add-ons and Links

Clickomania players are creative and imaginative. You’ll find most exciting Clickomania Add-ons and links on this page. Remember: Clickomania for Windows is the original!

Clickomania ME on Java mobile phone

Clickomania ME for Java-enabled mobile phones

By Aike Terjung

Play Clickomania on your mobile phone: Aike has created a version of the game, that runs on any Java enabled mobile phones – and proves, that the game is perfectly suited for little devices and small displays. A nice implementation, which can be downloaded for free. A great contribution to the Clickomania universe!

By the way: The acronym ME has nothing to do with an old-fashioned operating system, which uses the same two letters: The ME in Clickomania ME means Mobile Edition.

Clickomania ME information and download: www.terjung.net/clickomania

Clickomania on Siemens M55

Clickomania for Java-enabled Siemens mobile phones

By Thomas Wana

JKlickety is a version of Clickomania for Java enabled mobile phones from Siemens. I have tested it on my M55 and as you can see on the picture on the left, it works great. The biggest hurdle, besides the installation on the phone, which has to be done manually, is that you have to realize that you must turn your phone 90 degrees anticlockwise to play. More infos and installing instructions on Thomas’ webpage:

JKlickety information and download: www.wana.at/jklickety

[Click here to get the big pic!]

Clickomania for the MacOS I

There are even two implementations, I can offer Macintosh users:

The version of Seb Hopley is a perfect clone of the Windows version. Seb even has paid a lot of attention to the details, so it’s a real pleasure to play the game. The icons look just the same on both platforms and even the dialogs are very similar. So players who are used to the Windows version can buy an iMac without regrets: Your favourite game is available as well!

Download Clickomania for Macintosh I: Clickomania!.sit.bin, 882 KB

Click on the image to get the big pic!

Clickomania for the MacOS II

Play Clickomania on the Apple Macintosh: The French program
Patrick Desnoues has taken Clickomania to the Macintosh …

The Mac program looks very similar to my version, and it provides the real Clickomania feeling! ;-)

Very nice implementation of the configuration dialog (selection of the number of colors) and

If you don’t understand French, please download Seb’s version!

Important! If you get an error message or if the program does not start (without any error message), you’ll have to assign more memory to Clickomania:
Locate the application file "clickomania" and highlight it, hit the apple and the "I" key. In the information window, select the memory tab and increase the value at "recommended memory size" (or the like - I only have a German MacOS). With 1500 KB, it just worked well).

Download Clickomania for Macintosh II: Click_sea.hqx, 640 KB

Glickomania: Click here for a high-resolution version of this image!  Click on the image to get the big pic!

Linux versions

There are two Clickomania implementations. I have not yet been able to test them, because my Linux skills are kind of limited. To make the matter worse, I have to admit that I forgot to leave space for a Linux partition when I set up my machine... mea maxima culpa! So, I have to leave the testing up to you. If you do, please be so kind to give me a feedback and send me a screenshot. Besides: You can run the Windows version under linux using Wine.

Glickomania is the version for the Gnome desktop:

kClickomania runs under KDE:

Clickomania for the gameboy

Clickomania for the Gameboy

By ph0x
This is a Clickomania version for the Gameboy. I have not been able to test it (I will do if someone convinces Nintendo to provides me with a nice Gameboy device. I offer the game here anyway. But you are using it on your own risk.

Download: Gameboyclick.zip, 16 KB.

Click on image to see big pic!

Clickomania for DOS

By Timo Gronwald.
Finally here: The DOS version of Clickomania. Suitable for users without Windows or for users of Windows 3.x.


Download Clickomania for DOS: click98.zip, 53,7 KB

[Click here to get the big pic!]

Clickomania for Java (new version)

Play Clickomania online on all platforms!
Gilles Laurent is French (they seem to have a predilection for the game!) and he has developped a really convincing Clickomania version for Java. It contains animation, bombs and rockets and the original sounds (the rascal has stripped them from my EXE file, I suppose).
With that version, Linux or Solaris users can enjoy the real Clickomania feeling!


[Click here to get the big pic!]

Clickomania for Java (old version)

For quite a while, the version by Stephen Gage is online. It is not as faithful as the one by Gilles Laurent, but still very recommendable.


[Clickomania JavaScript version: Click here to get the big pic!]

Clickomania for JavaScript

Play Clickomania with any JavaScript-enabled browser. The look of this version is as like as two peas with the look of Classic Clickomania. Ignacio Jaureguizar has written this version.


[Animated screenshot]

Clickomania for the Palm Pilot

Even in Color – unfortunately, this program is neither postacrd- nor freeware. The registration fee is 10 US$. «For whatever reason, the best selling game at beiks.com» it says on their homepage. So the fellows could come out with a free licence for me. I have an old Palm somewhere under the trash on my office desk...

You find more information about the program at www.beiks.com. Or you can download the file directly.

BMD: The Clickomania game idea for the Palm Pilot.
You’ll find it here: ohad.visual-i.com

Click here to get the big pic!

Chinese Version of Clickomania 4.2

You can download a Chinese version of the game. Instead of the English program texts, you’ll find Chinese texts. Does only look good on Chinese Windows Systems.

Download the Chinese version of Clickomania 4.2: ClkChinese.exe, 412 KB (At the moment not available)

What mathematicians say about Clickomania…

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, has published the title «More Games of No Chance» about puzzle games. The researchers answer mathematical questions like wether the game is solvable or not. So if you are interested in the theory behind Clickomania, please read the paper «The Complexity of Clickomania» and to not ask me those questions: It is able to give you an answer, while I am not.

«More Games of No Chance», edited by Richard J. Nowakowski, Cambridge University Press